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Cancelled: Birmingham Area Java Users Group – JavaFX

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Update – Meeting Cancelled:

Bad News:
After re-scheduling from last week , we’re going to have to cancel the “May” meeting which was to be held on 2009-06-04 Sorry for the late notice, but Sam’s not going to be able to make his presentation on Thursday.  Events have conspired against him (and therefore us), as they occasionally do for all of us.  I’m open to a purely social
meeting at some place other than DAXKO, so if you’re interested in that speak up.

Good News:
The ACTUAL June presentation will probably be a two-for-one with Sam doing his JavaFX presentation followed potentially by a demo of a real-world Spring app.

Once again, we’re very sorry to drop this on you at the eleventh hour (actually, more like 10:30pm or so)

Have you ever done any graphics programming?  If you have, you fall into one of two camps:  those who programmed graphics before windows (when programming graphics was clunky but a fun), and those who programmed graphics after the advent of windows (when programming was a little clunky and everything ended up looking a lot like, well, a window).

Since its release in December of 2008, Sun has been putting a lot of work into the JavaFX platform and its corresponding language JavaFX Script.  Unlike most graphics development before OR after the advent of windows, JavaFX is a language designed from the ground up for rapid graphics and rich GUI development.  It runs on top of the Java Virtual machine, uses an easy-to-understand declarative syntax, and is pretty fun to play with.

Come to a brief overview of what’s inside of JavaFX, how it’s similar to core Java (and different from Java too), see a demo of some cool applications made with JavaFX and learn what you need to get started with this promising technology.

Our meeting – as always – will be at DAXKO at 6:30 pm. Note that while the Java User Group normally meets on the fourth Thursday of the month, the meeting was delayed to this Thursday June 4th to accommodate another event in town.
Bring a friend and evangelize the meeting among your Java cohorts.

For more information visit the BAJUG site at

DAXKO, 2204 Lakeshore Dr, Lakeshore Park Plaza, 4th Floor, Birmingham, AL 35209


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June 2, 2009 at 6:56 pm

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